“I inherited a home from a relative and did not have the time or the money to fix it and try to sell it with a realtor just so they can take commission. I saw a billboard in Pasadena I think and decided to call. It looked more Legit than one of those “we buy houses” signs on the side of the road. I met with the housing consultant Eric and he explained the process clearly. After maybe 24hrs he gave me a an offer. I needed to close some what quickly because of a family emergency. We closed LITERALLY the same week! Highly recommend if anyone is in this situation.”

About Property Kings

At Property Kings, we do things differently.

First, we’ll never make an offer on a house that we don’t have the money to buy ourselves. Unlike other wholesalers that don’t have cash and rely on selling contracts to other investors, we do have the money and we will never back out of a deal.

Second, since we never make an offer that we can’t guarantee, we pay $5,000 earnest money to every deal we put under contract to prove we aren’t backing out. Other wholesalers won’t do this. If they fail to assign the contract to an investor, they’ll simply back out of the deal and leave you hanging. This is simply bad business and an extremely bad customer experience!

At Property Kings, we’re looking for anyone that needs help selling their house; anyone that doesn’t have the time or money to invest in the home to get it retail ready to list on the MLS. We’re here to help out and provide you with a service that will relieve you of the burden your home may be causing.

At Property Kings, we’re dedicated to purchasing homes only in the southeast Houston area. This allows us to focus on 10 specific zip codes. We know the market really well in these zip codes and can offer the most money based on comps in the area.

If you own a house in 77504, 77505, 77536, 77571, 77059, 77062, 77573, 77598, 77502, 77546, 77581, or 77584 – We are ready to buy.

About Eric Malak

Want to sell your house fast? Call me at 713-322-4800 for a fair cash offer.
Ready to help you sell your house fast and provide you with an all cash offer.

Eric is a professional investor and real estate agent with eXp Realty. Eric first got into the real estate business in 2017 by purchasing homes through wholesalers and fixing and flipping them for a profit. At the beginning of 2020, he decided to start doing some wholesaling. He realized that most of the customers calling were in some type of situation that required them to sell their home fast and get cash as soon as possible. Others who didn’t need cash fast, simply didn’t want to repair their home to get it “retail-ready”. In both cases they requested our services to purchase their house quickly and with cash.

Eric has experience in the automotive business, specifically in the “buy here pay here” industry, and found customer situations very similar to the real estate business. Real estate customers were calling to help them get out of a situation to buy their home and get the cash fast. Automotive customers needed help to be able to approve them for an auto loan when everyone else was denying them due to bad credit. In both situations, they rely on us to give them a second chance. In both industries, we are helping customers out when the traditional methods don’t work for them.

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